Extortion 17 - Remember Our Brothers
SSG Patrick Hamburger

hamburgerSSG Patrick Hamburger
Age 30
Grand Island, Nebraska

*posthumously promoted to Staff Sergeant



+1 #3 Joyce Peck 2015-06-12 05:50
My Dear dear son,
What a special man you are to be called back to God so soon. We pray for you daughter daily as we are not allowed to see her. Maybe you and God could do something about that please? You know how much we love you and we always will. I promise we won't "ride the bus" because I know you would hate that. We will just love you then. God Bless you. Mom and Dad.
+18 #2 Shawn 2012-01-31 03:17
One of a kind and you taught me in more ways than one to be a Warrant Officer. Even with the bad days you were able to make me smile no matter what the situation. I would fly with you anywhere any day no matter what this side or the other. Peace be with you.
+20 #1 Debbie Merchant 2011-09-14 19:04
What do i say. I know we couldn't of hand picked a better man to be in are daugthers life to love her and veronica. Your smile your warmth, is a insperation to us all. God took you for his special mission in heaven before we where willing to let go. we love you pat and well miss you forever. my your sprit, your smile, and your love of others, grow in the beautiful 2 year old daughter of yous. love you always and miss ya.